A complete system for laser cutting 4Printers

A complete system for
laser cutting

Laser cutting machine Vision Laser is ideal for cutting sublimation prints on fabrics of all sizes and shapes. Detects and cuts out automatically printed graphics on the fabric, or recognizes the contour of the cut by positioning strips on the fabrics.


The Vision Laser cutting machine is commonly used for cutting clothes, sports clothing, banners, flags, rugs, etc.




Type of laser head Co2, Co2 RF (130W/150W,180W/275W)
Cooling system Water cooling
Drive system System based on servo drives
Power supply AC220V±5% 50/60Hz
Positioning accuracy ±0.1mm
Working speed 0-600 mm/s

Informacje dodatkowe: 

  • US lens
  • Automatic tray

    Usage requirements:
  • Temperature range: 10-35°C,
  • Air humidity range: 40-85%
  • The environment of use is not flammable, non-explosive, without a strong magnetic field.





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