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Cleaning sticks are ideal for cleaning machines with heads such as Epson DX or Xaar. They are used to remove ink dirt from the head, carriage, wiper, media clamp and other subassemblies in the machine. The sticks in our offer are indispensable for daily maintenance of the machine with the head. This is an essential element for the correct functioning of the plotter. The sticks are 100% pure, made of dust-free material, which is a very important asset when cleaning the heads. The materials used for cleaning the heads are very high quality, thanks to which they guarantee the safety and longer life of the head in a given machine. One of the ways we use the sticks to clean our heads has been bulleted by us. The process of cleaning the heads is simple, we start with the preparation of access to the head, then we wipe the stick for cleaning in the solvent. Wipe the dirt of the head or other components so that our machine is 100% efficient. The sticks are fully antistatic and dust free, which gives us the satisfaction of cleaning. The sticks absorb the liquid very well and leave no fibers or pollen on the head.

Main features of the sticks:

Ideally suited for cleaning machines with heads and other components,
Systematic cleaning of the head and components guarantees a long service life of the machine,
The sticks are fully antistatic and dust free,
Excellent absorbent liquid,
They do not leave even the smallest fibers and pollen on the head and other components.


How to use the sticks:

Get access to items that require cleaning,
Soak the stick in liquid solvent,
Wipe the ink-soaked parts of the head or other components,
Enjoy the full functionality of the machine and 100% safety of the head and other components.

10/50/100 pcs


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