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Cleaning wipes in our offer are equally as essential as the sticks for cleaning the heads. Their use is not much different from the sticks, although they perform functions different that our sticks. Head cleaning wipes are made of 100% polyester with double interlacing. By using our product you have the confidence that the cloths are 100% pure, fully antistatic and dust free, all thanks to the hermetic packaging. Wipes have excellent ink absorption, do not leave even the smallest fibers on the nozzle, which could adversely affect the functionality of the machine. The process of cleaning the head with cloth is very similar to the already mentioned patina. Before we start work we have to prepare access to the head or components, then we recommend to put a rubber protective glove on the palm and place a spreader of cleaning cloth on the heads and subassemblies. We then remove the ink residue by gently rubbing the head or the subassembly. We advise you not to wipe the head with a dirty cloth, in which case use a clean surface or suggest using a new cloth. Also remember to clean the solvent head with a moistened wipe with a solvent, and at the UW and water jet plotters eg Jeti AquaJet - we recommend using a dry cleaning cloth.

The most important features of the wipes:

Perfectly suited for cleaning machines with heads and other components (eg Spectra or Xaar).
Useful for removing excess ink from the print head (eg after ink overflow)
Systematic cleaning of the head and other components guarantees us a long life of the machine,
Excellent absorbent liquid,
They leave no small fibers and pollen on the head and pods.

How to use the wipes:

Get access to the head or components that require cleaning,
Pay attention before cleaning whether it is a solvent machine or UV or water,
When cleaning the solvent head, moisten the cleaning cloth with a solvent,
When cleaning UV heads or in water jet plotters (eg Jeti AquaJet) - remember to use a dry cloth,
We then remove the dirt from the ink residue, gently wipe the head with a cloth,
Important in this process is to not rub the head with a dirty cloth - we always use clean surfaces or new wipes for proper cleaning.


Dimensions of the cloth:
21 x 21 cm

150 pieces


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