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If you have concerns about the durability of graphics after printing, this section is for you. Liquid laminate creates a thin protective layer that protects against mechanical damage, weather conditions and protects color stability from UV rays. Our liquid laminates are available in three finishes (gloss, mat, satin) and several versions of hardness.

Secure your prints with liquid laminate and ensure color durability.


We recommend laminating min. 12 hours after printing This is because of the time needed to evaporate the solvents and harden the ink
Place the laminate in a horizontal position to perfectly distribute it on the surface and avoid the stain problem
The drying time of the laminate depends on the conditions of the room and is typically 20 - 60 minutes
The complete polymerization of the laminate, thus achieving full protective properties, takes place up to 72 hours after lamination


Peace of mind - do not worry about complaints, your prints will remain unchanged for a long time
Confidence - You offer customers high quality products. They will appreciate it
Development - You will gain loyal customers who will gladly recommend your products

Our liquid laminates protect the print from mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions.

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